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Consulting & IT Services
Computer Partner can carry out dedicated work, specific to your requirements, in any of the following areas.

Application Development
We can work on your specific requirements to develop software according to your needs. We have already developed solutions in following areas:

· Relational Database Management solutions.
· Object technology solutions.
· Application Server solutions.
· Distribution control management solutions.
· Servicing and Claims Management solutions.
· Document Management & Imaging.
· Automation of data feeds by interfacing with external information providers.

Application Maintenance
We can undertake managing of servers, application maintenance and upgrading of services. For maintenance, we have industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA's), an optimized process for communicating maintenance request and time-tested maintenance methodology. By partnering with us for application maintenance, you will spend lesser and be able to focus more on revenue generating development projects. With our At-site Plus Offshore maintenance service, you will overcome the strenuous resource ramp-up/ramp-down cycles that maintenance requires.
Application Maintenance Outsourcing engagements are divided in three

1. Assessment & Planning Phase
Engagement planning
Replication of environment & infrastructure set up


2. Transition Phase
Familiarization at customer site
Knowledge transfer through hands on maintenance

3. Support & Maintenance
Project Manager at customer site
Project Manager at ODC
Knowledge transfer to team members
Ongoing Maintenance
User Requests/Enhancement in Software

Programming, Design, Content and Networking support
Our team can give you support for the smooth functioning of the existing products and the development of newer solutions.

Technical Consultation
We can carry out constant research on our end, so as to come up with new technical solutions for effective implementation. Our key partner techizen, is a Premier IT Company. Techizen is a systems integration and consulting firm delivering business and IT solutions. The partnership has enabled us to give consulting to key companies globally.

Customer Relation Management
Our professionals can provide the end users the required support on your behalf.

Product Offerings
EXIM- A process automation product for export and import. It keep into consideration areas like inventory/stocks, financial accounting, sampling, export documentation, MIS and production.

Inventory Control System- For stocks & raw materials.

Technical Web-based support-A robust web enabled product support contact centre for product based companies.

HR Intranet-
HRI is a human resource management product designed to streamline HR functions. It can automate all HR related processes. It plays a common interface between HR and employees and defines the level of accessibility that each employee has, to the information posted on the intranet. It can be an integrated HR solution plus office intranet.

Website Development
Our multimedia subsidiary Genesis Cyberinfo Systems Pvt. Ltd. has web
specialists can create compelling websites by using breathtaking design,
dynamic content and latest software.

Other Interactive Solutions

We can offer you innovative and effective solutions using new media like – Digital Business Cards, Kiosks / Touch Screens, 2D/3D Product modelling, B2B/B2C, Walkthroughs, Virtual showrooms, Webcasting etc.

IT Outsourcing

IT Enabled Services(BPO)-  (Case Study-Health Insurance Claims)                                   

We offer business process outsourcing solutions to our global clients by leveraging process, domain and people management expertise,  that covers a gamut of comprehensive and customized services, which includes Process Support Services (P.S.S.) and Transaction processing.

Market Segments

Credit cards, retail lending, mortgage processing, retail banking and account management, cash management, trade services, lease and loan processing, investment banking

Securities Industry:
Custodians and Fund Administrators, Investment Managers, Investment Banking and Brokerage firms, Market Data and Analytics providers

Life, non-life, intermediaries, re-insurers

Finance & Accounting:

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, GL and fixed asset accounting, reporting and regulatory filings


Operators, OEMs and value service providers


Process Support

BPO Services

       HR Services


The HR services aim at transforming clients' internal cost centers to outsourced delivery centers for HR support. Our dedicated and highly experienced HR Services team provides appropriate domain knowledge; ensures the highest standards of compliance and quality. 

ˇ         Health and Benefits 

.         Administration

ˇ         Employee Record 

.         Management

ˇ         Résumé Management

ˇ         HR Help Desk 

ˇ         Payroll



Speed and accuracy are the essence of transaction processing. Our team consists of professionals with significant experience in a wide range of vertical domains and is equipped with appropriate technology and methods to ensure fast and accurate response to the processing requirements of our  customers.

ˇ         Customer Database

.         Maintenance

ˇ         Customer Care - E-mail

.         Response

ˇ         Customer

.         Correspondence

ˇ         Application Capture

ˇ         Back office Support

ˇ         Claims Processing

BPO / IT Enabled Services provided by us allow international clients to take advantage of rapid job execution  in our state-of-the-art IT centers. We work with a clear focus on providing continuous value to our clients, recognizing the benefits and cost savings that an offshore-onsite model can bring.Our clients have realized significant cost benefits by using our IT Enabled Services, which use a combination of both onsite and offshore teams.              

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